Progress in Engineering and Science*



 Volume 42/2017
 Issue No. 8 August
 Issue No. 7 July
 Issue No. 6 June
 Issue No. 5 May
 Issue No. 4 April
 Issue No. 3 March
 Issue No. 2 February
 Issue No. 1 January

*formerly C+CA-Ceramurgia & Ceramica Acta


C+CA Progress in Engineering and Science is an international journal publishing cutting edge experimental and theoretical studies across a wide range of engineering disciplines bridging together both fundamental science and novel technological developments and applications.
Especially appreciated are papers based on an interdisciplinary approach to physics, chemistry and biology profiting of latest developments in computational tools, in advanced materials and in nanotechnology. In addition to publishing results of significant importance within the broad spectrum of modern technologies, papers on management of science and engineering are also encouraged.

Major focus will be, but is not limited to, the following fields:

- Materials Science and Engineering
- Chemical Engineering
- Mechanical Engineering
- Civil and Structural Engineering, and Architecture
- Electrical Engineering
- Control and System Engineering
- Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
- Thermal Engineering
- Electronic, Optical and Communication Engineering
- Energy Systems Engineering
- Aerospace and Transport Engineering
- Biomedical Engineering
- Biological Engineering
- Earth Science and Engineering
- Science and Engineering Management

Only contributions of high scientific quality, originality, significance, and conceptual novelty focusing the interest of a wide and contemporary readership will be considered for publication.

Types of contributions: Full-length papers, short communications, review articles, letters to the Editor.

Full-length papers: Articles offering relevant new advances in terms of fundamental science or novel applications in the involved R&D area.

Short Communications: Brief (maximum five typewritten pages) but complete description of an investigation which will not be included in a later paper.

Letters: Short research articles (maximum five typewritten pages) on breakthrough developments for which Authors feel appropriate an urgent presentation to the international readership.

Review articles: Full-length articles normally commissioned by the Editorial Board that provide a general snapshot on a still fast developing research field.


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