Effect of Moulding Pressure on the Properties of Fired and Water Cured Lime-Rich Clay Building Bricks

Ceramurgia + Ceramica Acta
ISSN 1970-0393
(Publication ceased)

Formerly "Ceramurgia"
Volumes No. 1 - 32 - ISSN 0045-6152
H.H. Assal
Housing and Building Research Centre, Dokki, Cairo, Egitto


The effect of moulding pressure on the physico-mechanical properties of lime-rich clay building bricks made by firing and subsequently cured in water was investigated from 75 up to 600 kg/cm2. The bricks were pre-fired at 850°C for one hour with a heating rate of 5°C/min, then cured in tap water for 90 days. The results show the good improvement of water curing on the compressive strength of the product up to a moulding pression of 450 kg/cm2. Increasing the moulding pressure from 450 up to 600 kg/cm2 leads to a lesser effect of water curing on the strength. The optimum compressive strength is attained at 300 kg/cm2 moulding pressure and a water curing of 90 days, and amounts almost 370 kg/cm2.
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