Improvement of Optical and Mechanical Properties, and Controlled Release of Drug Delivery Powder Cosmetics

ISSN online 2612-4882
ISSN print 2612-4408
Yasumasa Takaoa, Naoaki Toyodab, Tsuyoshi Asaic, Toshihiko Okaderab, Hiroyuki Asanob
aNational Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Shimoshidami, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan
bResearch Laboratories, Nippon Meanard Cosmetic Co., Ltd., Nagoya, Japan; cSanshin Mining Ind.Co.,Ltd., Aichi, Japan
(7 pages)


Through collaboration between industry and government, we succeeded in blending synthetic seeds, evaluation seeds, and cosmetics needs and quickly established original products and sensibility studies. By controlling the average inter-surface distance in the liquid and the surface/volume precipitation in the droplet, it was possible to prepare composite particles, hollow granules and drug-encapsulating granules. Control of these microstructure improved UV shielding and optical sharpness and allowed obtaining several sustained release rates of the drug. Systematic verification of the direct shear testing method and organoleptic evaluation promoted the association between qualitative sensory parameters and physical properties and, furthermore, the standardization of the test method. Through collaboration among academia, industry and government in the powder technology field, authentication assessment (i.e., ISO, JIS) of the test methods was established.
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