Advances on Self-propagating High-temperature Synthesis for Efficient Improvements of Underground and Space Environments Utilizations

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Osamu Odawaraa, b, Anna V. Gubarevichb, Hiroyuki Wadac
aPROSAP Inc., Tokyo, Japan
bLaboratory for Advanced Nuclear Energy, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan
cDepartment of Chemical Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Yokohama, Japan


In order to maintain and extend sustainable activities of humans, the availability of renewable energies or high efficient energy systems is essential and plays an important role in the design and implementation for further developments forwards. Self-propagation high-temperature synthesis (SHS) which features oxygen-free heat release and high-performance materials synthesis is an economical and energy saving technology effective in exergy loss minimization. The SHS process has been successfully applied to super high heat supplies and high-temperature materials formations under the conditions of inertia forces and steep gradients of pressure and temperature. With such technological merits, various SHS related technologies have been widely performed for in-situ resource utilizations in space exploration and geothermal developments toward space and underground environments utilizations. By validating the experimental conditions and the achievements obtained from the studies on (1) inertia forced composite formations, (2) nitride synthesis with liquid nitrogen and (3) carbon allotropes formation with oxygen deficient flame and plasma spraying, the SHS related technologies would work efficiently even in the environments of low gravity and atmospheric carbon dioxide and nitrogen like Mars. The establishment of the SHS related technologies performed in space and underground environments utilizations would be able to promote further technological progresses exerting actively and flexibly also in other extreme environments such as underwater and disaster-area.
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