Mechanical Characterization of High-dimensional Clayey Artefacts Manufactured by Robocastings

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M.P. Gómez-Tena, E.M. Díaz-Canales, F. Vélez de Guevara, E. Zumaquero, J. Gilabert
Instituto de Tecnología Cerámica, Asociación de Investigación de las Industrias Cerámicas, Universitat Jaume I. Castellón, España


Mechanical behaviour of ceramic materials shaped by robocasting additive manufacturing and traditional extrusion processes has been compared with the aim of analysing the suitability of printing 3D traditional ceramic artefacts to withstand high mechanical strengths as traditional ceramic tiles show. Extruded artefacts by both methodologies were characterized using X-ray diffraction, mercury porosimetry and mechanical strength tests. Although traditional extruded samples presented higher mechanical strength and lower global porosity when comparing similar compositions and shaping techniques, 3D printed artefacts by robocasting showed interesting mechanical properties within the range of the extrusion process. This feature along with their characteristic closed porosity make them be considered as light ceramic artefacts with a remarkable hardness to withstand specific designs in which moderated mechanical resistance could be required.
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