Formerly “Industrial Ceramics”
Guest Editor: Alexander Rogachev, Russia

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Existing and prospective applications of self-propagating high-temperature synthesis (SHS), in modern technologies and industries will be focused in this Special Issue. We welcome papers that present new results concerning development of various SHS-processes including powder technologies, solution combustion synthesis, reactive multilayer foils, mechanically- and field-assisted SHS, etc., and obtaining valuable materials and powders (mostly ceramics) for practical use.

Remarkable improvements in the SHS process underwent within the last 1-2 decades have expanded substantially the field of application of SHS as an effective, simple, low-cost method for the production of various industrially useful ceramics. A variety of high performing nanopowders and nanostructured materials including simple and complex nitrides, carbides, cermets, oxides, is today being produced and exploited in such diverse field as metal working, biomedical implants, solid state lighting, catalytic systems as well as in advanced functional devices. At the same time, some challenges remained concerning methods to control SHS-process, structure and properties of SHS-products can also become topics for fruitful discussion in critical reviews and original articles.

CMT encourages experimental and theoretical contributions dealing with materials functionalization and industrialization, new device architectures, system integration, on-service performance, in-situ and non-destructive testing, as well as experimentally validated multiscale modelling and simulation of processes, devices and performance. Aim of this Special Issue is to overview recent achievements in the design, processing and applications of SHS ceramic-based material and enlighten perspectives for a more effective penetration of the SHS technology in the industry.
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