Terms and conditions

1. Subscriptions 

1.1 Subscription rates for each jurnal are fixed annually. Subscriptions are accepted on a pre-paid base only and are entered on a calendar year base (January to December). 

1.2 Personal pricing for Individual subscriptions are not featured. The same subscription prices apply to Institutions and Individuals.
1.3 Authors of papers of journals published in the printed version are allowed to purchase the journal issue where their paper has been printed. To order please contact the Publisher by filling the Request Information Form.
1.4 On payment receipt, Publisher will remit an invoice for the full amount to the Subscriber. The subscription prices are inclusive of packing, delivery costs and taxes according to the EU rules, where applicable. Any taxes, import duties or other levies imposed on the sale or import of the journal by local or national authorities are in charge of the Subscriber.
1.5 Any Subscriber’s claim for a missing issue has to reach by e-mail the Publisher within 30 days as from the delivery date of the missing issue if the journal is despatched by air mail or fast delivery mail. For issues despathed by surface mail, any claim shall reach the Publisher within 180 days from the publication date (month) of the missing  journal issue. Subscriber will be invoiced only for the additional mailing costs of the replaced issue. No free replacement is due for missing issues deriving from any negligence incurred by the Subscriber or for late claims. For any claim please contact the Publisher by filling the Contact Form.
1.6 Although on line orders and payments are the normal ways to subscribe, in special cases Subscribers may be allowed to perform the payment by bank transfer. For information how to pay please contact the Publisher by filling the Contact Form.

2. Orders of Single Articles 

2.1 Custumers may buy journal articles by ordering and paying online. The price for single article ordered on-line is fixed annually and is inclusive of taxes according to the EU laws.
2.2 After the on-line order has been correctly placed, the Customer may download the article and will receive an invoice. Download has to be made within 10 days from the purchasing date. The Customer does not have any right to be reimboursed of the paid amount if article downloading has not be made within the stated term.
2.3 Articles published in very old issues of a journal may be not not available on line; however they may be purchased on line. A PDF of the purchased article will be addressed by e mail by the Publisher to the Custumer soon after the purchase has been finalized.
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