Ceramics in Modern Technologies

CERAMICS IN MODERN TECHNOLOGIES, the hi-tech companion to the basic science oriented journal Ceramics International, publishes original cutting-edge, peer-reviewed papers that cover progress on manufacturing, industrialization and application of the whole range of ceramics.   

Involved are advanced oxide and non-oxide ceramics, traditional silicate ceramics, industrial refractories, new nanocarbons and other low dimensional nanostructures, smart and special glasses, new cements including geopolymers, inorganic synthetic zeolites and pillared materials produced as bulk components to microdevices by any available fabrication technique including e.g. powder processing, soft chemistry, additive manufacturing, CVD, PVD, plasma spraying, nanolithography, self assembly, laser and ion beam processing.
All major users areas are covered such as energy and environment, electronics, optics and communications, aerospace and transport, construction, building, processing industry, mechanical and high temperature engineering, and the biomedical field.

Primary interest is for experimental and theoretical contributions dealing with materials functionalization and industrialization, new device architectures, system integration, on-service performance, in-situ and non destructive testing, as well as on experimentally validated multiscale modelling and simulation of processes, devices and performance.

The design, realization and testing of prototype products and devices, pilot scale demonstrations, case studies and cost models perfectly fit the scopes of the journal as well as aspects of green manufacturing and of proper management of materials, energy and labour resources, including waste recycling and disposal.

The journal also encourages critical reviews on still developing fields of processing and application, analyses of the drivers for innovation and of barriers to commercialization coming from alternative materials technologies.
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