Evaluation of the Addition Refractory Waste as Aggregates in Concrete for Impeller KR

pages 1-4
J.F.C. Leal, R.E.F.Q. Nogueira

Abstract | € 45,00

Structural Repair/Retrofit of Brick Masonry Walls

pages 5-9
R.H. Atkinson

Abstract | € 45,00

Full-scale Models for the Study of Repair Techniques on Brick Masonry Surfaces

pages 10-15
Luigia Binda, Giulia Baronio, Francesco Cantoni, Paolo Rocca

Abstract | € 45,00

Attenuation Measurement of Ceramic Blocks Wall Using X-Band Waves

pages 16-21
Murilo C. Barros, Kaue T.N. Duarte, Leonardo L.B. Roger

Abstract | € 45,00

Non-destructive Evaluation of Masonry Materials in Structures

pages 22-27
R.C. De Vekey

Abstract | € 45,00

Effects of Mill Speed and Air Classifier Speed on Performance of an Industrial Ball Mill

pages 28-37
Fazeel Ahmad, Junaid Ahmad Qayyum, Usman Asghar, Asad Ali, Ayesha Masoom

Abstract | € 45,00

Materials Innovations for Alternative Energy Systems in Japan

pages 39-44
Kohmei Halada

Abstract | € 45,00

Application of Small-angle Neutron Scattering Method to the Study of the Durability of Historic Brick and Mortar

pages 45-48
R.A. Livingston, A.J. Allen

Abstract | € 45,00

Moisture Expansion of Structural Ceramics: A Spanish Experience

pages 49-51
E. Gomez Lopez, F. De Isidro Gordejuela, C. Machin Hamalainen

Abstract | € 45,00

The Current Experience of the Mechanical Properties of Ancient Brick

pages 52-56
S. Briccoli Bati

Abstract | € 45,00

Ceramic Covering of Prefabricated Reinforced Concrete Panels: Microstructural, Mechanical and Technical Aspects

pages 57-59
M. Giordani, E. Dassori, M. Capurro, D. Baldovino, C. Bonfanti, L. Baldini

Abstract | € 45,00

Influence of Insertion of Fired Bricks on the Mechanical Characteristics of Adobe Brickworks

pages 60-62
G. Ranocchiai, L. Rovero

Abstract | € 45,00
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