Recycling of some Egyptian industrial solid wastes in clay bricks

pages 1-6
M.M. Elwan, M.S. Hassan
€ 45,00

Colouring effects of synthetics inorganic cobalt-pigments in fast-fired porcelainized stoneware tiles

pages 7-11
A.M. Ferrari, C. Leonelli, T. Manfredini, P. Miselli, G. Monari, G.C. Pellacani
€ 45,00

Techno-mineralogical studies on Egyptian chromite ores and their refractory products

pages 16-24
M.A. Serry, M.A. Mandour, L.I. Shiemy
€ 45,00

Cutting performance of an advanced ceramic tool and its wear mechanism

pages 25-28
H. ChuanZhen, L. Zhaoqian, A. Xing, Z. Shusheng
€ 45,00

Plasma spry forming

pages 29-32
H. Herman, S. Sampath
€ 45,00

Sol-gel composites – A low cost manufacturing route

pages 33-37
B. Harris, R.G. Cooke, F.W. Hammett R.S. Russell-Floyd
€ 45,00

Suitability of carbonaceous shale and clay in the preparation of building bricks

pages 81-86
H. El-Didamony, M. Elwan, H. Lotfalla
€ 45,00

Slip casting of zircon

pages 87-90
B.E. Yekta, M. Esmaily, P. Alizadeh
€ 45,00

The thermal behavior of clay and calcareous clays containing different lime contents

pages 91-98
H. El-Didamony. H.H. Assal, H.S. Hassan, N.G. Abd El-Ghafour
€ 45,00
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