Production of cordierite bodies from Saudi raw materials

pages 1-4
S.M. Naga, A. El-Maghraby, A.A. Al-Wassil, N.H. Al-Otiabi
€ 45,00

Moisture measurement on ceramic raw materials

pages 9-13
W. Leisenberg
€ 45,00

Materials and processing developments in microwave ceramics

pages 21-23
N. McN. Alford, S.J. Penn, A. Templeton, X. Wang, S. Webb
€ 45,00

A dry phantom material composed of ceramic and graphite powder

pages 24-25
H. Tamura, H. Nagakubo, K. Yukawa, M. Katsube, T. Nojima
€ 45,00

Miniaturization of chip inductors using multilayer technology and its application as chip components for high frequency powder modules

pages 26-28
M. Fujimoto, N. Naoto, M. Nakazawa, Y. Kamiyama, S. Sekiguchi, H. Takahashi
€ 45,00

Multilayer processing of ferrites

pages 28-31
D. Johnson Jr, A. Roy, J. Thomson, G. Grader, D. Fleming, V. Lambrecht, H. O’Bryan, W. Rhodes
€ 45,00

New metallized alumina substrates for powder hybrids

pages 34-36
H. Debeda, M.O. Rachidi, F. Menil, C. Lucat
€ 45,00
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