Influence of particle packing on textural properties of floor tiles

pages 7-9
J. Ronogajec, R. Neducin-Marincovic, B. Zivanovic, Lj. Petrasinovic
€ 45,00

Role of rice husk ash silica on the conversion of cristobalite into tridymite

pages 17-20
A.M. Kabish, I.S. Ahmed Farag, D.M. Ibrahim
€ 45,00

Host isostatic pressing and its applicability to silicon and boron carbide

pages 17-20
H.T. Larker, L. Hermansson, J. Adlerborn
€ 45,00

Inorganic membranes: preparation, characterization, specific application

pages 23-27
J. Charpin, P. Bergez, F. Valin, H. Barnier, A. Maurel, J.M. Martinet
€ 45,00

Colour improvement of fired ceramic clays

pages 74-77
S. El Defrawy, M.A. Maksoud
€ 45,00

Industrial applications of refractories containing magnesium aluminate spinel

pages 121-126
R. Dal Maschio, B. Fabbri, C. Fiori
€ 45,00

Indirect assessment of frost durability of ceramics

pages 129-133
M. Sygadlo, Z. Piasta
€ 45,00

Ceramics for coal-fired MHD generator channels

pages 137-142
T. Okuo, Y. Kusaka, K. Takano, K. Kato, M. Ura, H. Okamura
€ 45,00
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