Fluorine control in ceramic gaseous emissions

pages 1-5
M.I.A.Almeida, P. Frade, C. Marques, H. Campante,A.M.S. Correia
Abstract | € 45,00

Evaluation of alum sludge as raw material for ceramic products

pages 7-16
J.Vicenzi,A. Moura Bernardes, C. Pérez Bergmann
Abstract | € 45,00

Use of Afyon region (Turkey) volcanic tuffs in wall tile production

pages 17-19
T. Kavas, A. Evcin
Abstract | € 45,00

Study of a ceramic refractory reinforced with metallic fibres: from the microstructure to the mechanical behaviour

pages 21-26
E. Cailleux, T. Cutard, G. Bernhart
Abstract | € 45,00

Thermo-mechanical behavior of Iranian magnesite doped with CaZrO3

pages 27-29
Abstract | € 45,00

Role of some additives on the formation of mullite

pages 31-35
S. Maitra, S.K. Roy, A.K. Rahut, A. Dwivedi
Abstract | € 45,00

Role of MgO and Fe2O3 additives on the synthesis and properties of aluminium titanate ceramics

pages 37-40
S. Maitra, S. Bhattacharya
Abstract | € 45,00

Resistance to deep abrasion of porcelain stoneware tiles: key factors

pages 71-78
M. Dondi, G. Guarini, C. Melandri, M. Raimondo, P.M.Tenorio Cavalcante, C. Zanelli
Abstract | € 45,00

Effect of “Singular Blended Clay” on microstructure and thermo-mechanical properties of vitreous sanitary porcelain

pages 79-87
K.N. Maiti, P. Agarwal, R.M. Savsani
Abstract | € 45,00

Production of monolithic ceramics from incinerated municipal sewage sludge, paper mill sludge and steelworks slag

pages 89-95
C. Marcis, D. Minichelli, S. Brückner, A. Bachiorrini, S. Maschio
Abstract | € 45,00

Formation technology of a protective layer in Torpedo Car refractory lining

pages 96-100
S. Murilo Justus, S. Nascimento Silva, F.Vernilli Júnior, A. Mazine, R. Gomes Toledo, R. Magnani Andrade, O. Rosa Marques, E. Longo, J.B. Baldo, J.Arana Varela, G. Sterhling Barbosa
Abstract | € 45,00

The industrial application of computation modelling and simulation for the development of high temperature refractory materials

pages 101-103
S.J. Stedman, S. Baxendale, J. Cotton
Abstract | € 45,00
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