Preparation of Protonic Conductor BaZr0.5Ce0.3Ln0.2O3-δ (Ln=Y, Sm, Gd, Dy) by using a Solid State Reactive Sintering Method

pages 1-5
Junfu Bu, Pär G. Jönsson, Zhe Zhao
Abstract | € 45,00

High Energy Milling of Zirconia: a Systematic Critical Review on the Phase Transformation

pages 6-11
Nataliia Gorodylovaa, Žaneta Dohnalováb and Petra Šulcovác
Abstract | € 45,00

Structural and electrical properties of (1-x)Pb (Zry Ti1-y)O3-xSm(Fe3+ 0.5, Nb5+ 0.5)O3 ceramics prepared by conventional solid state synthesis and sintered at low temperature

pages 12-17
Fares Kahoul, Louanes Hamzioui, Ahmed Boutarfaia
Abstract | € 45,00

Structural and electrical properties of Ca2+ substituted Pb[(Zr0.52Ti0.48)0,98(Cr3+ 0.5, Ta5+ 0.5)0,02]0,96 P0,04 O 3 ceramics

pages 18-23
Louanes Hamzioui, Fares Kahoul, Ahmed Boutarfaia
Abstract | € 45,00

Soft synthesis of FAU nanozeolites and microporous membranes.

pages 24-29
Teresa F. Mastropietro, Enrico Drioli, Teresa Poerio
Abstract | € 45,00

Characteristic and sinterability of alumina-zirconia-yttria nanoparticles prepared by different chemical methods

pages 30-35
Abstract | € 45,00

Ultradispersed powdery Y2O3-Bi2O3-ZnO composition with high chemical homogeneity for fine-grained ceramics

pages 36-41
Elena A. Trusova, Kirill V. Vokhmintcev, Aleksey N. Kirichenko
Abstract | € 45,00

Preparation of highly-dispersed powders of cobalt, nickel, molybdenum and tungsten oxides by modified sol-gel technique

pages 42-47
Elena A. Trusova, Klara V. Kotsareva
Abstract | € 45,00

Development of highly dispersed hybrid nanoalumina with the sol-gel method

pages 48-53
PETRAKLI Foteinia, SIOULAS Dimitrisb, TSETSEKOU Athenac
Abstract | € 45,00

Study of Gamma alumina synthesis – analysis of the specific surface area

pages 54-60
A.H. Munhoz Jr, H. De Paiva, L. Figueiredo De Miranda, E.C. De Oliveira, R. Cons Andrades, R.R. Ribeiro,
Abstract | € 45,00

Synthesis and Characterization of Nanocomposite HA/a-Al2O3 Sol-Gel Powders for Biomedical Applications

pages 61-66
Nelson H. A. Camargo, Pricyla Corrêa, Priscila F. Franczak, Enori Gemelli
Abstract | € 45,00

Effect of ammonium sulfate on morphology of Y2O3 nanopowders obtained by precipitation and its impact on the transparency of YAG ceramics

pages 67-72
Tomaszewski Henryk, Wajler Anna, Węglarz Helena, Sidorowicz Agata, Brykała Urszula, Jach Katarzyna
Abstract | € 45,00
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