Thermionic and photon-enhanced emission from CVD diamond: influence of nanostructure, doping, and substrate

pages 1-10
Tianyin Sun, Franz A.M. Koeck, Robert J. Nemanich
Abstract | € 45,00

Research of diamond-like carbon film deposited by double pulsed lasers

pages 11-16
Yong Cheng, Shuyun Wang, Yimin Lu, Guojun Huang, Yanlong Guo, Xu Liu, Bin Sun
Abstract | € 45,00

Evolution of Cu surface morphology and its effect on graphene synthesized by Chemical Vapor Deposition

pages 17-22
A. Ibrahim, A. Owais, M. Atieh, R. Karnik, T. Laoui
Abstract | € 45,00

Liquid Crystal Assisted Selective Separation of Large Graphene Oxide and its Size Dependent Oxygen Reduction Catalytic Effect

pages 23-26
Kyung Eun Leea, Ji Eun Kimb, Joonwon Limc, Sang Ouk Kimd
Abstract | € 45,00

The possibilities of graphenes application in textronic devices

pages 27-31
Michał Puchalski, Ewa Skrzetuska, Izabella Krucińska
Abstract | € 45,00

Improvement of Performance of Paper Transistor Using Carbon-Nanotube-Composite Paper and Its Application to Logic Circuit

pages 32-37
Yoshiki Hamana, Takahide Oya
Abstract | € 45,00

Development of carbon-nanotube composite thread and its application to “thread transistor”

pages 38-43
Masatoshi Yoshida and Takahide Oya
Abstract | € 45,00

Energy Gap associated to Photocatalytic Activity of MWCNT/TiO2/ZnO Nanocomposites

pages 44-49
Silvana Da Dalt, Juliano Schorne Pinto, Felipe Antonio Lucca Sanchez, Annelise Kopp Alves, Carlos Pérez Bergmann
Abstract | € 45,00

Carbon coils-Polyurethane Composites for the Shielding Materials of Electromagnetic Interference

pages 50-55
Gi-Hwan Kang, Sung-Hoon Kim
Abstract | € 45,00

The Influence of the Exterior Surface on Grain Boundary Mobility Measurements

pages 56-65
Amy Novick-Cohen, Anna Zigelman, Arkady Vilenkin
Abstract | € 45,00

Protonic SOFCs Using Perovskite-type Conductors

pages 66-71
Hiroo Yugami, Hisashi Kato, Fumitada Iguchi
Abstract | € 45,00

Vacancy Diffusion under a Stress and Kinetic of Nanovoid Growth in Cubic Metals

pages 72-77
Andrei Nazarov, Alexander Mikheev, Alexander Zaluzhnyi
Abstract | € 45,00
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