Evaluation of the microstructure of magnesia-zirconia refractories

pages 19-25
M.H. Amin-Ebrahim Abadi, F. Golestani-Fard, F. Moztarzadeh
€ 45,00

Thermal shock behavior of alumina based refractories

pages 27-31
T. Volkov-Husovic, R.M. Jancic
€ 45,00

Preparation and characterization of pillared material base catalysts for environmental application

pages 33-36
J. Merida-Robles, E. Biondi, M.V.R. Hernandez-Huesca, P. Maireles-Torres, E. Rodriguez-Castellon, A. Jimenez-Lopez
€ 45,00

Development of a catalytic trap for diesel particulate removal

pages 37-43
D. Fino, G. Saracco, V. Specchia
€ 45,00

Catalytic combustion of gaseous emission by a base metal oxides with perovskite and spinel structure

pages 44-46
F. Froehlich, W. Burckhardt, F. Seifert, M. Schwefer
€ 45,00

Sol-gel Y-PSZ fibers as a new kind of catalyst support

pages 47-49
M. Marella, M. Tomaselli, J.-F. Allain
€ 45,00

Prediction of free lime in magflot

pages 93-96
E. Th. Stamboliadis
€ 45,00
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