New outlooks on ceramic pigments

pages 1-11
A.L. Costa, G. Gruciani, M. Dondi, F. Matteucci
€ 45,00

Untreated phosphogypsum as a set retarded for slag cement production

pages 19-24
H. El Didamony, S. Abd-El Aleem, M. Abd-El Aziz
€ 45,00

Failure mechanism of refractories for lead and zinc smelting furnaces

pages 31-39
G. Opera, M. Brothers
€ 45,00

Wax-based binder for low-pressure injection molding and the robust production of ceramic parts

pages 47-49
J.E. Zorzi, C.A. Perottoni, J.A.H. Da Jornada
€ 45,00

Carbon-containing castables for steelmaking applications

pages 79-86
M. Rigaud, S. Palco
€ 45,00

Rheological behaviour of clay-based slurries: effect of the preparation methods (Lab-scale or typical industrial procedures)

pages 87-92
F.R. Pereira, A.P. Oliveira, A. De Noni Jr., D. Hotza, A.M. Segadaes, J.A. Labrincha
€ 45,00

Utilization of waste concrete, grog and hydrated lime in building materials

pages 93-100
H.H. Assal, H.S. Hassan, N.G. Abd El-Ghafour, E. El Shimy
€ 45,00

Glass-ceramics in the former Soviet Union: a review on industry-oriented developments

pages 101-105
D.U. Tulyaganov, S. Agathopoulos, V.V. Kharton, F.M.B. Marques
€ 45,00

Semiconducting bodies based on Cu-slag

pages 117-121
A. El-Maghraby, M.Sh. Khalil, S.M. Naga
€ 45,00
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