Evolution of aluminas from traditional to high-tech applications. A techno-historical perspective

pages 1-13
A.K. Chatterjee
Abstract | € 45,00

Sintering of metallic powders on ceramic substrates

pages 15-19
Davide Sighinolfi
Abstract | € 45,00

Characteristics of pores responsible for staining of polished porcelain tile

pages 21-26
H.J. Alves, F.B. Minussi, F.G. Melchiades, A.O. Boschi
Abstract | € 45,00

Classical Ceramics Investigation on usage of the Karaköy granites (Bilecik, NW Turkey) in porcelain tile production

pages 27-36
K. Kayaci, M. L. Öveçoglu, S.C. Genç, M. Erdogan
Abstract | € 45,00

Effect of spinel “MgAl2O4” on microstructural and mechano-chemical properties evolution in a sintered MgO-CaZrO3 refractory matrix

pages 37-41
E. Rodríguez, G.-A. Castillo, A.-M. Guzmán
Abstract | € 45,00

Magnesia- and aluminabased refractory ceramics within the MgO-Al2O3-ZrO2-SiO2 system

pages 43-52
M.A. Serry, M. Awaad, F. Abd El-Raoof
Abstract | € 45,00

Enhancement in the hardness and cutting ability of the abrasives for abrasive water jet by coating

pages 53-58
Dae Hyung Lee, Young Bea Kim, Se Woong Mo, Min Ho Kim, Chongmu Lee
Abstract | € 45,00

A new generation of scaffolds for bone tissue engineering

pages 59-62
D. Bellucci, V. Cannillo, A. Cattini, A. Sola
Abstract | € 45,00

Effects of waste glass or boric acid addition on the stain resistance of polished porcelain stoneware

pages 79-87
A. Unluer, E. Ozel
Abstract | € 45,00

Production and characterization of magnesium oxychloride cement bricks for fine polishing of porcelain stoneware tiles

pages 89-98
M.S. Özer, A. Ozturk, M. Timucin
Abstract | € 45,00

Crockery ware scrap incorporation in underglaze engobe formulations

pages 99-105
Asha Anil, A. Peer Mohamed, R.M. Savsani, S.N. Misra
Abstract | € 45,00

Efflorescence in red-clay ceramics: methodology to evaluate its intensity and migration SO4 -2 and Ca+2 ions

pages 107-113
C.C. Ferreira, C.P. Bergmann
Abstract | € 45,00
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