Ceramic ultrafiltration membranes with special electric properties

pages 13-15
H. Richter, C. Siewert, S. Kriehme, R. Kohl, G. Tomandl
€ 45,00

Inorganic membranes for gas separation at elevated temperatures

pages 15-18
S. Morooka, K. Kusakabe
€ 45,00

Current development of ceramic porous membranes for catalytic reactors

pages 18-21
A. Julbe, D. Farrusseng, C. Guizard
€ 45,00

Current status of the development of microporous or nanoporous ceramic membranes

pages 22-25
C. Guizard, A. Julbe, A. Ayral
€ 45,00

Alternative process routes for better ceramic membrane supports

pages 29-31
J. Luyten, J. Coopymans, W. Adriansens, R. Leysen
€ 45,00

Development of ceramic nanofiltration membranes

pages 31-33
C. Siewert, H. Richter, A. Piorra, G. Tomandi
€ 45,00

NDE methods to evaluate ceramic hot gas filters

pages 33-35
V. Helanti, P. Pastila, A.-P. Nikkila, T. Mantyla
€ 45,00
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