New clay-based ceramic formulations containing different solid wastes

pages 71-76
E. Martelon, J. Jarrige, M.J. Ribeiro, J.M. Ferreira, J.A. Labrincha
€ 45,00

Physico-mechanical properties of some refractory cement batches

pages 83-87
N.M. Khalil, A.G.M. Othman
€ 45,00

Synthesis and characterization of alumina bearing sol for application in refractory castables

pages 88-92
S. Mukhopadhyay, S. Dutta, M. Majumdar, A.Kundu, S.K. Das
€ 45,00

Rapid prototype of ceramic parts via stereolithography molds

pages 93-94
L. –W. Wang, J. Yanez, W.M. Sigmund, F. Aldinger
€ 45,00

Prototyping of complex-shaped parts and tools of Si/SiC-Ceramics by selective laser sintering

pages 95-96
W. Loschau, R. Lenk, S. Scharelk, M. Teichgraber, S. Novotny, C. Richter
€ 45,00

Development of a pre-ceramic suspension for free from fabrication of ceramic

pages 97-99
A. Liciulli, A. Greco, A. Maffezzoli
€ 45,00

Enzyme catalysis of ceramic forming alumina and silicon carbide

pages 102-109
L.J. Gauckler, W.Si, T.J. Graule, F.H. Baader, J. Will
€ 45,00

Computer aided design of protheses

pages 109-112
J. Vander Sloten, R. van Audekercke, G. van der Perre
€ 45,00

Near-net-shape fabrication by forced-flow, thermal-gradient CVI

pages 112-115
T.M. Besmann, D.P. Stinton, R.A. Lowden, K.J. Probst, T.J. Anderson
€ 45,00
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